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The Essential Laws of Flooring Explained

The Great Advantages of Wood Flooring

Flooring options require thorough research and consultation with your builder, knowing for a fact that floors do take a lot of visible space in the house and that means you have to base your final choice of flooring material on your priority budget, practical value of the material, including its design style. Know, too, that each kind of surface material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Wood flooring has over many advantages than the other types of flooring, a proven and tested material which has lasted for more than a century. Wood floors have the advantage of staying longer and durable than other materials, especially when choosing the right wood and allowing also for regular maintenance and repair. The best wood material is solid wood because it keeps off any breeding of mold, mildew, or dust mites, thus it is safe from producing allergy, and, besides, the wood creates that kind of warmth to the room. It is also easy to maintain solid wood floors since it only takes a routine vacuuming and mopping to keep them clean.

You have a choice between pre-finished or unfinished solid or hardwood floor materials. The advantage of pre-finished hardwood material is that there is no need to sander and dry it, therefore, you save on time and upon purchase you can immediately install it. You also reap the additional benefit of further saving time since varnishing or lacquering the floor will only take less than a day. Some homeowners prefer the unfinished wood because, coming from the recommendation of their installers, this material gives a better overall and uniform seal, which is needed to guard against the arch enemy of wooden floors – moisture.

The popular hard wood choices are red and white oak, American cherry, hard maple, Brazilian cherry or Jatoba. While both red and white oak are easy to install, it is the red oak which is the easier to saw and nail, better than the white oak. Hard maple is the excellent choice of most homeowners because it possesses a natural characteristic against surface abrasion. A material choice for cabinets, American cherry can also serve as floor material and can be installed easily. A luxury choice is the Brazilian cherry or Jatoba wood, which is harder than mahogany and comes in a rich, burgundy color.

Sometimes, consultation with the professional installers are helpful as they can provide you more information on your prior concerns on the kind of wood to choose, such concerns as sustaining everyday traffic at home, easy maintenance, and which wood stains should be used. Finally, it is equally important and needed to install a moisture barrier, which is a space between the subfloor and the main flooring area for added protection.

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