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Interesting Details About the Herbal Supplement Tongkat Ali

The herbal product Tongkat Ali Eurycomanone extract is used for a variety of benefits, including boosting testosterone levels and reducing amounts of stress hormones that are chronically too high. Consumers should look for standardized extracts, or those that contain a specific percentage of the active component. Although that percentage often may seem low in herbal products, it actually has been determined to produce the most effective results without unwanted side effects.

The product is particularly popular among men who are experiencing symptoms of andropause, a condition that occurs in some middle-aged men when their male hormone levels drop. Tongkat Ali may improve sexual performance and rekindle libido. It may increase energy and help men shed some unwanted fat that tends to start accumulating at this point in life.

The Active Component

The active component of Tongkat Ali, eurycomanone, is primarily found in the roots of this Asian plant that botanists call Eurycoma longifolia. Some eurycomanone also occurs in the leaves, stems and branches, but there is much less of it there.

Long Roots

People also refer to this plant as Malaysian ginseng because of its rejuvenating effects, and longjack because of the long roots of the plant. The roots travel straight down and can grow to more than 6 ft. in length. Before the extraction process was perfected, eating the roots was a way to obtain eurycomanone, but it’s a great deal more efficient to consume a standardized extract.

A Potent Herb

Tongkat Ali is a potent herb and should be used reasonably. Taking higher doses than printed on the label is inadvisable. The buyer may want to read information from authoritative websites about how long to consumer the herb regularly before taking a short break. This is a common recommendation from herbalists and health care practitioners specializing in complementary medicine.

Cycling Tongkat Ali

Some individuals report they have best results when they take it for two days and then wait for a day or two before consuming it again. Others take it for five days and take a two-day break. These schedules are known as cycling and are common among regular supplement users.